Scottish Society of Louisville





President: Jeff Forbes

Vice President: Janice Beatty

Secretary: Judy Stubbs

Treasurer: John Dickson



Electronic Services: Marleen Bailie

Hospitality: Melissa Ingram

Member Services: Jim Hughes

Programs & Education: Archie Cunningham

Regional Celtic: Robbin Goodin



Dianne Holland

Jane Seelig

Newsletter editor: John Moffet

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Your board at work! Winter of 2015!

Dot Scott, Jenny Dickson, John Dickson and Jean Hughes - pretty scarf!

James Hughes, Archie Cunningham and our friend from Scotland, Ian Fleming!


Your board at work! April 2014!

We look so serious, but we really do have fun! Gary Schweitzer, Member At Large on left. John Scott, Treasurer, on the right!

Here we see Janice Beatty, Vice President on the left and Marla Jo Cameron, President on the right.

That would be Jenny Dickson, Regional Celtic Chair on the left. Janice Beatty, Vice president, on the right.

Here in yellow! Mr. John Dickson! Past president and spousal support unit of Jenny Dickson, Regional Celtic, on the right! Where is Marleen Bailie, Electronic Services Chair?! Well taking the picture of John taking her picture! Maybe he will share that snapshot one day! :)

The fabulous secretary, Jean Hughes!

Your Board at work! January 2013!

Left to right: Janice Beatty, John Dickson, Jenny Dickson, Sanford Berenberg.

Left to right: Marla Jo Cameron, Angela Bryant, Jim Hughes.

Gary Schweitzer.

From left: Jim Hughes and Arch Cunningham.

Your board at work! Summer, 2011

Left to right: Jim Hughes, Jenny Dickson, Marla Jo Cameron, Sanford Berenberg, Gary Schweitzer, Angela Bryant and Marleen Bailie.

Thank you, John Dickson, for the pic! You sneeky snapper!






Scottish Rite Scotch Tasting
5:30 p.m., Wednesday, January 24
Louisville, KY
Burns Gala Dinner
6 p.m., Saturday February 3
Louisville, KY
10:40 a.m., Sunday, April 22
Kirkin of the Tartans
Louisville, KY
Saturday, June 2
Honored Society!
Highland Games a day's drive from Louisville


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