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November 22

The November Dinner and Auction was a resounding success raising more than $850 to benefit the Heritage Fund, filling everyone's belly with wonderful food, enjoyable conversations and many laughs!

More than 200 jars of Peanut Butter for the Annual Peanut Butter drive to benefit the Portland Avenue Community Trust (PACT) were presented to PACT representatives along with a check for $350.

Members of Alex Rose's family (the first president of the Society) were on hand to present the inaugural Alex Rose President’s Award to Piper, Society Membership Chair and Society Webmaster, Marleen Bailie.

The boomerang Laphroaig Scotch raffle drawing also took place and long-time Society Member and former Newsletter Editor Laura Doll walked away a winner!

Kilt Raffle tickets for the kilt, drawn at Burns Night, were made available for purchase!

It was a fun and busy night1 Thank you to everyone who attended, brought a dish to share, donated items to be auctioned, placed bids and bought raffle tickets!



October 25

Jenny Dickson’s presentation was based on the book The Scotch Irish, a Social History by James G. Leyburn. Dispelling much of what he terms the 'mythology' of the Scotch-Irish, James Leyburn provides an absorbing account of their heritage. He discusses their life in Scotland, when the essentials of their character and culture were shaped; their removal to Northern Ireland and the action of their residence in that region upon their outlook on life; their successive migrations to America, where they settled especially in the back-country of Pennsylvania, Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia, and then after the Revolutionary War were in the van of pioneers to the west.


September 27

Nessie is Not Alone:Mythical Creatures of Scotland.
Sanford Berenberg gave very interesting and enlightening presentation about the Mythical Creatures of Scotland.



August 23

Archie Cunningham spoke about the Queen Mary. This presentation was made even more intriguing when Archie shared his first-hand experience traveling on this great ship with his parents in his younger years!



July 26

Mark Johnson will make this an evening full of music with his band, 'Wandering Aengus', which is the title of one of the poems of the renowned Irish poet W. B. Yeats. The other two members of his band are Rick and Pam Butsch.




May 24

SSL member, Dot Scott, presented a talk on the Daughters of the American Revolution. She is a member of the Piankeshaw Chapter of New Albany, Indiana. Click here to visit its website. The DAR, founded in 1890 and headquartered in Washington, D.C., is a non-profit, non-political volunteer women's service organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history, and securing America's future through better education for children.

Guest, Leslie Miller, who is a member of DAR, works at the Kentucky Historical Society and she was able to share some tips on searching family roots. Another guest and DAR member Sarah Johansen attended the meeting.. Society members were delighted to discover not only Dot Scott is a member of DAR, but new member Victoria Snelling is a member of DAR, too!

The National DAR website The Kentucky State DAR website

Dot invited Mr. Tom Higgins and Mr. Charlie Scott, members of the Kentucky Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution, to share information, too. The SAR  is a non-profit, non-secret and non-political organization. Its purposes are historical, educational and patriotic. 

The Headquarters for the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution  is located at 1000 South 4th Street in Louisville, Kentucky 40203. The Headquarter's phone number is (502) 589-1776.

The National SAR website. The Kentucky State SAR website.

Kathryn Kessinger attended and shared information about The National Society of Colonial Dames. She is president of the Louisville chapter of Colonial Dames XVIIC, chaplain of the Piankeshaw (New Albany, IN) chapter of DAR and East Central Director of Clan MacLellan. She shared how the Colonial Dames is a patriotic, genealogical and heraldic Society of women who trace their ancestors in this country to the founders who settled the thirteen original colonies before 1701.

You may visit The National Society of Colonial Dames website for Chapter contacts.



April 26

The Society inducted its new officers and Heritage Committee Members:: Sanford Berenberg - President, Archie Cunningham - Vice President, Angela Bryant - Secretary, Gary Schweitzer - Treasurer, Heritage Fund Committee Members: Dan Bailie and James Spaulding. To lead the procession: Piper - Marleen Bailie, Scottish Side Drum - Aaron Bailie, Tenor Drum - Laura Doll.

We were entertained by Scottish Highland Athletes and organizers, Chuck Clement and Kerry Overfelt, of the Wickland Highland Game and Festival in Bardstown, KY. They shared information on five athletic events men participate in at Highland games in the United States, Canada and Scotland!

Members had time to see how the Scottish Society of Louisville tent is set up at Highland games and how information about Scottish heritage is shared with the public. Members also had an opportunity to play a bit of cornhole (which from here forward may be called the haggis toss!) with the brand new Scottish Society haggis toss game that will be at future events.



March 22

Society president, Sanford Berenberg, shared a presentation on Clan McLeod.



January 25

Joyce Deddens shared a bit of history about Scottish Country Dancing. After her presentation, she taught members three dances, which were danced at the Burns Gala Dinner on January 29th!








Scottish Rite Scotch Tasting
5:30 p.m., Wednesday, January 24
Louisville, KY
Burns Gala Dinner
6 p.m., Saturday February 3
Louisville, KY
10:40 a.m., Sunday, April 22
Kirkin of the Tartans
Louisville, KY
Saturday, June 2
Honored Society!
Highland Games a day's drive from Louisville


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