Al Smith Grade Piper of the Day

The Al Smith Piper of the Day Award was presented annually to the outstanding traditional Scottish bagpipe performance by a junior solo competitor at the Kentucky Scottish Weekend Highland Games in Carrollton, KY. Sadly, these games ended in 2012 after 30 years – so too, members of the Society thought, the presenting of this award. But, with the help of the Society’s board and the willingness of the organizers of the Central Kentucky Highland Games, the Society is very happy and proud to continue this tradition at the games in Eminence, Kentucky!

Al Smith was a founding member of The Scottish Society of Louisville. He was an adventurer who jumped ship from England to travel across America. He was a scholar who embraced learning and who knew a great deal about world history. He was bright, interested and well-read. He was a patriot who served in both the British and American armies. He equally valued his British roots and his American life. When he retired at age 65, he got fitted for contacts and began to learn how to play the bagpipes. He marched and played with the Kosair Shrine Pipe Band. Al’s accomplishments past the age of 65 showed he never felt too old to attain his personal goals.

written by his step-daughter, Judy Webb

2017 Christopher Spreen  
2016 Egan Dickerson  
2013 Joanne Ripper
Springfield, IL